Screenplay ~~- The Baby-Making War

Isaac & Rebekah Try But Fail To Make Babies

Sex In Marriage 1339 Characters =~1.3Min. Reading Time
IN SPACE: The earth cruises around the sun.


In silhouette at twilight, cows outside the tent see the shadow of Isaac writhe atop Rebekah.
They both PANT and MOAN in ecstasy.

INSERT: The earth spins around the sun.

1 YEAR LATER: Again, in silhouette from outside the tent, cows see Rebekah lie on top of Isaac. They MOAN, but with much less ecstasy.

IN SPACE: The earth races around the sun 18 times.

18 YEARS LATER: Again, in silhouette from outside the tent, cows see 60-year old Isaac, motionless, atop Rebekah doggie-style.


Inside the tent, fully-clothed Isaac crouches doggie-style behind fully-clothed Rebekkah. He reads a Torah scroll, using Rebekah's back as a desk.

And Elohim commanded Adam, โ€œBe fruitful and multiply.โ€

Rebekah hangs her head in boredom.

Multiply fast! I gotta milk the goats!

(to sky)
Please, father, give us a baby!

(With Isaac)
We can't take another 20 years of this!

A GOLDEN FINGER from heaven reaches down into the tent. It touches Isaac's head.
The golden glow races down from his head to his pelvis, shoots into Rebekah's pelvis.
{ DING! } heavenly glow from Rebekah's belly lights the room.

INSIDE (Rebekah's) belly, twin ZYGOTES wrestle each other.