Screenplay ~~- The Baby-Making War

Isaac Marries Rebekah

Marriage 827 Characters =~0.8Min. Reading Time

In an ancient Hebrew wedding ritual, BETHUEL (a Syrian with a scar down the middle of his forehead) grudgingly gives the hand of his gorgeous blonde leggy supermodel daughter REBEKAH to 40 year-old ISAAC.

Isaac can't stop laughing from nervous joy.

Young LABAN (aka Whitey, a crooked Syrian) looks on from the front row, scowling at Isaac's laughter.

In Jacob's eyes, Rebekah shines, more than beautiful.
(She's that one-in-a-billion girl whose splendor rips your heart out when you look at her. One glance, and your heart is forever held in the chains of her magnificence.)

Isaac kisses Rebekah.

The audience cheers!

Rebekah and Isaac run hand in hand from the wedding, laughing.

Roughneck rancher guests cheer.

Shaggy warriors shoot arrows into the sky.