Screenplay ~~- The Baby-Making War

Isaac Grows Old, Famine Rages, Esau takes Slut wives

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TIME-LAPSE: Jacob & his mother Rebekah watch famine eat their land.

(to Isaac, over action)
Do NOT [repeat your father Abraham's mistake: don't] go down into Egypt. Dwell in the land where I tell you to live.
Sojourn in this land. I'll stay with you and bless you. I'll give all these countries to you and to your seed-children. I'll carry-out what I swore on oath to give your Dad, Abraham [Father-Of-Billions]. I'll multiply your seed-children like the stars of heaven. I'll give all these countries to your seed. Through your seed, [I'll] bless every nation on earth.
[I'll bless you because you have faith like your father] Abraham [Father-Of-Billions] [who] obeyed My voice, and kept watch [over his life], following My instructions, My schedules, and My Laws.โ€

Jacob and Esau help Isaac and Rebekah load up their caravans.

Isaac & Esau, Rebekah & Jacob caravan hundreds of miles west to coastal Palestine's rolling pasturelands of Gerar.

AbiMelech, the king of that land welcomes Isaac and family.
Time lapses.

Isaac & Esau, Rebekah & Jacob establish their tents in Gerar.
Jacob helps Rebekah plants seeds in that rolling pasture land.
TIME LAPSE: That same year, they receive 100 [valuable] fruits from every tree they have.
Heaven shines down rays of blessing on Isaac & Esau, Rebekah & Jacob.

TIME LAPSE: Massive herds, throngs of workers, and riches grow to surround Isaac and family!

King AbiMelech and his soldiers eye Isaac and family with hateful envy.

AbiMelech's Philistine soldiers stop up [Isaac's water supply] by dumping dirt in his wells.
Jacob and Esau try to fight the soldiers.
Isaac stops stands between Jacob & Esau and the Philistines.
Jacob & Esau throw their weapons to the ground in disgust at their father's pacifism.

Esau and Jacob help Isaac & Rebekah caravan away from the pasturelands to the valley of Gerar.
There they pitch their tent and lives.

Esau and Jacob help Isaac and Rebekah re-dig the valley's stopped-up water wells.

Jacob and Rebekah dig in the valley. They discover a spring of running water.

The herdsmen of Gerar fight with jacob & Esau over a water well.

So Jacob & Esau dig another well.
But [the natives] fight for that well too!

Again, instead of fighting, Isaac gets Jacob & Esau to migrate their caravan to a new location.

Jacob and Esau dig another well.

Time passes.

Jacob & Rebekah watch the well fail.

So Jacob & Esau help Isaac & Rebekah migrate from Rehoboth up to Beer-Sheba [Well-Of-Seven].

There Isaac & Esau, Rebekah & Jacob builds an altar.
On it, Jacob cooks a feast.
Rebekah smiles as Jacob holds meat up to the sky in prayerful thanks.
They dance a halleluYah song.
They pitch their camp there.
jacob & Esau dig another well.

They hold a peace party with king AbiMelech and his Philistine General and chiefs of staff.
Everyone eats and drinks heartily.

The next day, Jacob & Esau dig a huge water well.
Isaac runs up to hug Esau. Rebekah runs up to hug Jacob.
Isaac & Esau, Rebekah & Jacob dance and shout for joy over the water.

Time passes...

[Rough-Red] Esau, at 40 years old, [shamefully fuels his addiction by] taking pagan wives:
-- Judith [Celebrated Lady] aka Aholibamah, the daughter of Beeri [Spring-man] the โ€˜Son Of Terror',

--and Bashemath [Fragrance], the daughter of Elon [Trunk], another โ€˜Son Of Terror.โ€™

Time lapse: over and over, these pagan sluts of Esau scream at the weeping Isaac, Jacob and Rebekah.