Screenplay ~~- The Baby-Making War

Cast Of Characters

Family Division 2266 Characters =~2.3Min. Reading Time
LeahAverage-looking, semi-plump.
RachelDrop-dead gorgeous.
JacobCheater. Aka Israel.
EsauHarry the Red man.
RebekahCaptivatingly beautiful.
IsaacSeen at Gen 35:27, after the Baby-Making war ends at Gen 35:21.
YahwehGen 26:24. May or may not be the Elohim of Gen 31:24, 35:9, etc.
AngelsOn stairway to heaven, Gen 28:12. And as an army in Gen 32:1.
ZilpahLeah's Maid and Jacob's Concubine.
Herdsmen & FlocksLaban's sons, brothers, workers and neighbors, later doubling as Jacob's workers, then as the men of Shechem.
WrestlerGen 32:24. Angelic.
Esau's 400 man army.Strut up and do nothing.
MidwifeGen 25:24; Probably Deborah of Gen 35:9. Perhaps doubles in Gen 35:19.
DinahGen 34:1 Jail-bait.
Mr. DonkeyGen 33:19
Prince ShechemGen 34:2. Donkey-man's son. Loverboy.
Esau's harem of slut-wivesMinor part. See Gen 26:34: Judith [Celebrated Lady], the daughter of Beeri [fountained/Spring-man] the 'Son Of Terror', and Bashemath [Fragrance], the daughter of Elon [Oak-Grove], another 'Son Of Terror,' and Ishmael's daughter Mahalath [sick-girl.]
SnitchGen 27:42

12 Sons Of IsraelSeen as babies, then as young people with their young sisters in Gen 31:55, and finally as young men.
Simeon & LeviLeah's hothead fighter sons. Simeon [hearing], Levi [attached.]
ReubenThe sex addict. (Jacob & Leah's firstborn son.)
Leah's other [genetic] sonsJudah [celebrated], Issachar [Yah will bring a reward], and Zebulun [habitation.]
Joseph [Yah adds]Rachel's Genetic son, only seen as a baby and a small boy.
BenjaminRachel's last genetic son Benjamin, [Son of Strength.] (Benjamin is only seen as a newborn.)
Dan & Naphtalithe sons of Rachel's [timid] handmaid, Bilhah: Dan [Dawn] and Naphtali, [Wrestler.]
Gad [troop] and Asher [happy] the sons of [fragrant] Zilpah, Leah's handmaid.

All characters exactly as taken from Genesis 25:21 through 35:21.