Screenplay ~~- The Baby-Making War

Yah Appears To Jacob, Blesses Him

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Time passes.
Bilhah, Rebekah's handmaid [original: Deborah, (Rebekah's nurse)] dies (of the hand-wound she received from Simeon at Shechem).
Jacob and his tribe bury her under an oak in the soil of Beth-EL hill.
From the faces of the gathered men, women, and children, tears fall and flood the soil under the oak.

(to his tribe)
This tree will forevermore be named Allon-Bachuth [Oak of Weeping.

In the sight of Jacob's assembled tribe, golden glow appears above Jacob's head:

(to Jacob)
You are known as Jacob [Heel-grabber]. [But] you shall not be called Jacob any more. Rather, Israel [El Rules] is becoming your name.
I name him โ€œIsrael!โ€

[The people jump at the thunder.]

I, Elohim Almighty, supply everything you need. So be fruitful and multiply! More than a nation - a coalition of nations shall come from you! Kings shall spring from the thrust of your loins!

In the crowd, holding Rachel's hand, little Joseph giggles...

[Look at this amazing] land which I [promised to] give to Abraham and Isaac! I am giving it to you. And I [will keep on] giving the land to your seed-children after you.

The golden angelic glow rises up, leaving Jacob on his knees, staring up at the sky in the place where Elohim had spoken with him.

Jacob sets up a monument in the place where he talked with Elohim, a pillar of stone.
He pours a drink offering on it.
He pours [anointing] oil on it.

The name of this place where Elohim spoke with me [will always be] Temple of EL.