Screenplay ~~- The Baby-Making War

Jacob Wrestles A Supernatural Being All Night

Paranormal Phenomena
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Chapter Synopsis:
Leah and Rachel on the other side of the river, laughing, watch Jacob wrestle thin air all night.

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Time passes.
Jacob stands alone on the riverbank. He steps forward to cross to his family.
Suddenly a mysterious WRESTLER man appears! He blocks Jacob's path!

You're not gonna cross until you wrestle me!

Wrestler slams his elbow down on a boulder.
Jacob jumps in.
He arm-wrestles the Wrestler-angel.

Leah and Rachel and the servants and the children stare across the river. Their jaws hang open.
Their boys rush to cross back over the river to help their dad fight the wrestler. But the mothers hold the boys back.
They watch Jacob fight for hours.
All night long, the women and children cheer for Jacob, and boo the invisible mystery wrestler.
Jacob grabs the angel from behind in a full nelson, holding both his arms under the angel's arms.
The wrestler passes one arm under Jacob's arm from behind (to hold Jacob in a half-nelson).
Jacob twists the angel's arm behind his back, in a hammer-lock!
The angel grabs Jacob's head, encircles it, locks it under his angel-arm (in a headlock).

As the moon races across the sky, Jacob & the wrestler fight:
-- freestyle,
-- glima,
-- Greco-Roman (body holds),
-- sambo,
-- schwingen,
-- sumo,
-- yagli: they do it all.

Jacob goes point for point against the wrestler all night long!

Finally the Wrestler sees that [without using some supernatural force he's not going to win the wrestling match against Jacob [the Contender].

So the man touches Jacob's thighbone. OUCH! It bends.
The angel's power strains and twists Jacob's thighbone out of joint!
But Jacob fights back the pain.
He keeps on wrestling the mystery man!
Jacob puts the mystery wrestler in a choke-hold.

Let me go! [Haven't you had enough?!] The dawn is breaking.

So Jacob, [always looking for an angle,] negotiates:

I won't let you go unless you bless me! [Give me something, pay me].

(asks Jacob)
What's your name?

Jacob. (Heel-Grabber.)

You are longer named โ€˜Jacob [the Cheater].โ€™ [Your name is] IsraEl, [โ€˜he who will rule with El,โ€™] because you hold power as a prince of Elohim. [You're becoming upright] among men: you've prevailed!

Please tell me your name.

Why do you need to know my name? [You're on a need-to-know basis.]

Then, there by the river, Wrestler blesses Jacob.


Jacob runs back over the river, shouting to his cheering family:

I name this place โ€˜Peniel [Face-Of-El]โ€™! I've seen Elohim face-to-face, and LIVED!


The sun beats down on Jacob as he limps away from PeniEl in pain, rubbing his throbbing hip.

From now on, none of my descendants can eat the tendon attached to any animal's hip socket right here:

Live pokes the place the mystery wrestler touched and numbed Jacob's hip socket where the thighbone attaches.