Screenplay ~~- The Baby-Making War

Whitey (Laban) Overtakes & Confronts Jacob

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Chapter Synopsis:
Whitey (Laban) rushes his camel-riding thugs to head off Jacob's caravan. Screaming, weapons drawn, Whitey accuses Jacob of theft and kidnapping. Jacob challenges Whitey to prove his accusations.

1928 Characters =~1.9Min. Reading Time
Laban whips his camel, leading his carvan around and in front of Jacob's caravan.

Then, seeing Jacob's [tents] pitched on the hill, Laban and his brothers set up camp in the hills of Gilead in Jacob's path.

As night falls, Laban drives his camels down to Jacob's camp.
All Laban's thugs point their arrows at Jacob and his family.

Jacob rushes out, stands between his family vs. Laban's gang's weapons:

Young Joseph runs from Leah's arms toward Laban:


(screams at Jacob)
What have you done?!

Young Joseph runs crying back to Leah.

Leah hides her crying children from Laban's attackers.

You stole away without my knowledge!

Rachel, eyes fearful, runs into her tent.

You seized my daughters, like hostages taken at the point of a sword!

You sold your daughters to me!

Why did you flee away secretly, and steal away from me, telling me nothing!

Jacob hlds his tongue, face set as if to say, โ€˜I owe you not one word.โ€™

I [would] have sent you away with a festival,] with songs, with tambourines and harps!

Yeah, right...

You didn't even let me kiss my grandchildren and my daughters! What a stupid thing you've done!

It's in the power of my hand to [smash] you [like the bug you are]!

But the Elohim of your father spoke to me last night, saying, โ€œMake sure that you donโ€™t say anything to Yaโ€˜akov, either good or bad.โ€

Granted, you had to leave, because you longed so deeply [to return to] your fatherโ€™s home.

But why did you steal my gods?

I escaped from you because I was afraid. I thought you might take your daughters from me by force.

But you can kill whoever you catch with your [stolen idol-gods.

Right here, with our kinsmen standing witness, look for anything in our caravan that belongs to you. Take it all back.