Screenplay ~~- The Baby-Making War

Jacob Tricks Laban, Selectively Breeding Goats

Shrewdness / Craftiness
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1896 Characters =~1.9Min. Reading Time

Jacob removes [from Laban's herd:
-- all the striped goats
-- or spotted goats,
-- and every [animal] with any white fur,
-- and all the brown sheep.

He gives them into the hand of his own sons, led by Reuben.

Laban rides off, putting 3 days' journey between himself and Jacob, leaving Jacob to feed the rest of Laban's flocks.

Jacob grabs fresh-cut smooth branches of white poplar, and hazel/almond and plane trees.

Jacob peels white streaks in twigs, baring the white in the sticks.

Before the flock comes in, Jacob puts his peeled sticks in the [corral's] watering channels [and] drinking troughs.

The flocks [run] in to drink.

[The aphrodisiac Jacob's administering makes the animals so horny] they breed right there in [front of the drinking troughs]!


So the striped, speckled, and spotted cattle give birth to a flock of little striped, speckled, and spotted offspring.

Jacob divides the sheep.

He points the horny stud goats at the brown nanny-goats in Laban's flocks. So every time a brown baby sheep pops out, Jacob separates it into his own segregated herd.

Jacob stops his spotted, striped goats or brown sheep from mating with Laban's animals.

Later, the strong, muscular cattle go into heat.
Jacob lays the [aphrodisiac] sticks right in the fountains of the cattle's watering troughs.
The muscular cattle get hot & horny.
They mount each other.

Jacob [bats away] the [feeble,] droopy cattle [when they try to come] into [the corral] to drink the [aphrodisiac water].

So Laban's herd gets droopy and feeble...
while Jacob's herd grows muscular and shiny.

Time passes...

Jacob shines in rich mans's clothing.

TIME LAPSE: Thousands of fat cattle, plus maidservants, men-slaves, camels, and donkeys, amass around the now richly-dressed, smiling Jacob!