Screenplay ~~- The Baby-Making War

Jacob Negotiates Bethrothal to Rachel

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Laban, Rachel, Leah and Laban's thugs hang on Jacob's every word:

We've fought water wars in Palestine...
(time passes)
We got fantastically rich...
(time passes)
I won my family's inheritance...
(time passes)
My brother tried to kill me...

As Jacob speaks, he sees plumpy Leah's tender, attractive eyes.
Beside Leah, Rachel shines, taller, athletic.
Leah is a housewife, not a supermodel princess.

Wow! Jacob! My own flesh & bone family!

So Jacob stays with Laban for a month during which:

-- he waters the cattle, stares, smitten with his stunning cousin Rachel;

-- he builds a barn, still staring at Rachel;

-- He plants a field, still staring at Rachel...

(to Jacob)
You're my relative! Why should you work for me like a slave? Tell me, how much do you want me to pay you?

Laban winks at plump Leah.

Leah bats her sweet tender eyes at Jacob.
Jacob manages a half-smile,.
But his eyes flash back like magnets to the perfectly-formed Rachel.

I'll serve you for 7 years-
(gathering courage)
- if you'll give me the hand of Rachel, your younger daughter, in marriage.

It's better that I give Rachel to you, her cousin, than that I give her to another man.

Jacob does a double-take... like, was that a โ€˜Yes?โ€™

Before Jacob can clarify, Laban's arm hangs around Jacob's shoulder:

Live here with me, my son!

Laban grins at Leah.