Screenplay ~~- The Baby-Making War

Rachel Dies Birthing Benjamin; Tribe Bury Her

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Chapter Synopsis:
Rachel makes Jacob promise to love Leah. Leah and Jacob hold hands and cry over Rachel.

1725 Characters =~1.7Min. Reading Time
[Jacob's caravan packs up.

They journey on from Bethel.

Nearing Efrath fertility (Bethlehem), Rachel starts [screaming, trying to] give birth, but [suffering] in severe labor pains.

Jacob and his sons dismount from their camels and carry Rachel up to a high spot by a tree and lay her on a cot, while the gathered tribe watches from below.

Rachel [pushes] in hard labor and the baby crowns, the midwife shouts to her

Don't be afraid!

You will hold this son too!

As Rachel's soul flies away to death, she sees her newborn and calls out:

His name is 'Ben-Oni: (son of my sorrow).

[No,] his name is 'Benjamin,' [Son of my strength."

Jacob lays Benjamin on Rachel's breast. He lifts her hands and wraps them around the baby. Rachel's hands fall to her sides.

Jacob lifts the baby and holds him in the air in front of the gathered tribe.

Son of My Strength!

The tribe cheer.

Jacob hands the baby to Leah, who pulls out her breast and starts nursing him.

Jacob turns and sees his beloved Rachel, cold, stony-white.
He falls beside her, kissing her, hugging her, crying.
...Jacob passes out from grief.
Hours pass as Jacob's sons dig a grave in the side of the hill.
Jacob's sons wake Jacob. They try to pick up Rachel. Jacob bats them away.
He picks up Rachel.
He carries her, walking down into the grave.
He lays her there with one last kiss...

Jacob emerges from the grave, and drops a handful of dirt.

Each man, woman, and child of the gathered weeping, wailing tribe the tribe throw a handful of dirt on Rachel.

There, on the road to Ephrath (Bethlehem), Jacob [and his sons] erect a pillar over Rachel's grave.