Screenplay ~~- The Baby-Making War

Jacob Sees His True Love Rachel, Kisses Her

Healthy Sexuality
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Jacob continues on his journey...
He hikes into the land of the Arabian (eastern) people.

Jacob looks.
He sees a dug well in the field.
He sees 3 flocks of sheep lying by the well.
A great stone lies over the well's mouth.
Jacob sees herdsmen gather all the flocks...
then roll the stone from the well's mouth, then draw up water that the sheep drink.
The herdsmen place the stone back over the well's mouth.

(asks workers)
My brothers, where are you from?

We're from [parched] Haran.

Do you know Laban [Whitey,] the [grand]son of Nahor [Snorer]?

We know [that polygamous cheat] Laban.

Is Laban well?

Laban's doing fine โ€” lookโ€” here's Laban's daughter Rachel:

Sixteen year-old RACHEL, the hottest blonde imaginable, walks toward the well leading sheep bearing Laban's brand (a fish-hook).
Jaw-dropped, Jacob eyes the stunningly beautiful and cultured Rachel. All the whores, kids, shopkeepers, and workers nearby eye Rachel with respect and envy.

Look: [the sun's] still high in the sky [today]. It's too early to [take the animals home.] Water the sheep, then go and let them [eat some more] in the pasture.

We're [under drought restrictions. We're not allowed to draw any water], until all the flocks are gathered together, and [an authorized owner] rolls the stone from the well's mouth. Then we water the sheep.

While Jacob speaks with the shepherds Rachel (the [unbelievably gorgeous] family sheepherder) strides up with her father's sheep.

In a living fantasy, Jacob gazes at Rachel, stunned to recognize her beauty, a near-match to his mother Rebekah. It's love at first sight. He'll never be the same. The world spins around him.

So Jacob runs near Rachel.
Rachel jumps back in fear.
He heroically rolls the stone from the well's mouth.
He pulls up water for her flock.

(to Rachel)
My cousin!

Jacob kisses Rachel with the familiar Middle-Eastern greeting]. He lifts up his voice, weeping for Joy at having found his true love.

Rachel looks at Jacob like he's insane.

I'm your father's relative - I'm your distant aunt Rebekah's son!

Rachel runs for home!

Jacob sinks into the dirt, depressed.

An hour passes...

Whitey (Laban) runs to the well to meet Jacob, bear-hugs him, kisses him.

Whoosh, Whitey whisks Jacob to his white house!