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Jesus Was A Jew

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Most portrayers of the life of Jesus neglect to point out that
Jesus is in every characteristic a genuinely Jewish character,
that a man like Jesus could have grown only in the soil of Judaism,
only there and nowhere else.
Jesus is a genuine Jewish personality;
all his struggles and works, his bearing and feeling, his speech and silence, bear the stamp of a Jewish style,
the mark of Jewish idealism, of the best that was and is in Judaism,
but which then existed only in Judaism.
Jesus was a Jew among Jews;
from no other people could a man like Jesus have come forth,
and in no other people could a man like Jesus work;
in no other people could Jesus have found the apostles who believed in him.
- Rabbi Leo Bæck, leading Jewish philosopher-theologian and historian of religion in Harnack Vorlesungen über das Wesen des Christentums (Breslau: n.p., 1902)