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Adam and The Serpent (Notes Only)

Sin (Breaking YAH's Laws)
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(also known as: Where did the garden go?)


Serpent taught Adam about
then additive-filled-cigarettes,
Coca (initially for wound, then nose)
traded trees for the above when supplies ran out

Eve is tired and sleepy; adam randy
Satan gets adam drunk and entices him to 'love' a sheep
adam gets syphilis, eve threatens divorce
satan says 'scrape mold of rotting compost pile'
over adam's objection that Yah said to avoid mold
next time adam gets vd, mold doesn't fix it
serpent diagnoses 'antibiotic resistance'
Satan trades prescription drugs for all the trees on the hillside
Adam objects to price.
Serpent says, "What does it profit a man to keep all the trees of the garden yet lose his own w--g cause he got drunk and -----d a goat?!"
Serpent cuts the hillside bare of trees with dragon fire.
Eve's happy because now she "can see all the way to Cain's house!"

erosion resulted
mining introduced
gold traded as money
fractional reserve banking
serpent sells adam guns
animals cross-bred
gmo plants to resist poor soil and bugs
s-- with neighbors and family to breed warriors to fight imaginary enemy
lotteries to finance war
register land with satan to protect it
satan introduces schools to train the swelling population
serpent provides insurance policies
serpent restricts access to addictive substances
microwave towers for communication
churches teach morality according to serpent's law (roman civil law) not YHWH's simple garden law
Christmas and birthdays introduced to stimulate consumption