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The richest and best man on the planet fights to survive attacks from Satan, and to endure betrayals from his judgmental friends-turned-enemies. Read the outline.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.


1Audio Drama


2Job 1: Rich Job Has Everything A Man Could Want5.45.4
3Job 2: Satan Returns To Samayim To Seek Power3.48.8
4Job 3: Boil-Infested Job Curses His Own Birthday3.111.9
5Job 4: Eliphaz Confronts Job With Critical 'Advice'2.914.8
6Job 5: Eliphaz Keeps Bragging About His 'Experience'3.718.5
7Job 6: Job Rejects The Arrogance Of Eliphaz3.822.3
8Job 7: Job Laments This Hard Mortal Life2.725
9Job 8: Bildad Says, 'You Deserve Your Pain'3.128.1
10Job 9: Job Answers Bildad's Blaming Accusations4.432.5
11Job 10: Job Despairs Of Life2.835.3


12Job 11: Frenemy # 3 (Zophar) Confronts Job2.738
13Job 12: Job Rebuts Zophar's Holier-Than-Thou Spiel3.541.5
14Job 13: Job Tries To Shut Up His Religionist 'Friends3.845.3
15Job 14: Job Laments Hard Life & Black Death3.248.5
16Job 15: ELiphaz (Gold-God) Verbally Attacks Job4.953.4
17Job 16: Job Defends Himself Against ELiphaz's Attack2.956.3
18Job 17: Job's Lament Slides Into Deathly Despair2.458.7
19Job 18: Bildad Attacks Job2.861.5
20Job 19: Job Defends Himself Against Bildad's Attacks465.5


21Job 20: Zophar Attacks Job469.5
22Job 21: Job Reveals: Some Wicked People Live Easy5.374.8
23Job 22: Gold-Lover Rails False Accusations At Job478.8
24Job 23: Job Answers ELiphaz' False Accusations2.381.1
25Job 24: Sinners Thrive While Innocents Die3.784.8
26Job 25: Bildad Denies That A Man Can Please YHVH1.286
27Job 26: Job Answers Bildad's Sin-Excusing Theology2.288.2
28Job 27: Many Greedy People Live Rich 'Til They Die3.491.6
29Job 28: It's Easy To Find Wealth, Hard To Find Wisdom4.395.9
30Job 29: Job Remembers His Life Before Disaster Struck3.199


31Job 30: Job Laments His Destroyed Life3.9102.9
32Job 31: Job Insists That He's Been Righteous5.3108.2
33Job 32: Job's 3 Friends Stop Trying To Convict Him3.2111.4
34Job 33: EliHu Sticks His Foot Further In His Mouth4.7116.1
35Job 34: Elihu Won't Shut Up. He Keeps Knocking Job4.5120.6
36Job 35: Elihu's Bragging Turns To Bitter Condemnation2.5123.1
37Job 36: ELihu's Still Still Yakking5.3128.4
38Job 37: Elihu Ends By Exposing The Limits Of Science3.3131.7
39Job 38: YHVH Corrects Job5.6137.3
40Job 39: YAH Illustrates His Superiority Over Man4.1141.4
41Job 40: YHVH Continues Correcting Job3.1144.5
42Job 41: YHVH Explains That Mortals Can't Fight Satan5.2149.7
43Job 42: Job Answers YAH in Humility3.9153.6