Unpublished Screenplay


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A white girl marries into a native-American tribe where she's forced to fight her own American-Indian war. A true story.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1Her Father Abuses Her0.20.2
2Divorce Shatters Her Family, Steals Her Dad0.20.4
3She Grows Up On Junk Food & TV0.20.6
4She Sees TV Shows Glorifying Indians0.20.8
5Her Dad Saves Her From Her Pervert Step-Brother0.21
6She Falls For An ROTC Boy0.21.2
7ROTC Boy Goes To War, Gets Face Shot Off0.21.4
8America Disappoints Her Patriotic Hopes0.21.6
9She Meets Her Dream-Man0.21.8
10They Fall In Love0.22
11She Dreams Of An Indian Thanksgiving0.22.2
12Her Family & His Family Oppose Marriage0.22.4
13Indian Thanksgiving At McDonalds0.22.6
14They Elope0.22.8
15They Move To Amish Country0.23
16Amish Disappoint Her0.23.2
17She Fights Crazy Nuts In Amish Country0.23.4
18They Convert Into A “Christian” Church0.23.6
19The Church Sets Up A Navajo Ministry0.23.8
20The Indians Love The Ministry0.24
21The Church Betrays Her0.24.2
22The Indians Abandon Her0.24.4
23Her Marriage Balances On The Cliff's Edge0.24.6
24The Money's All Gone0.24.8
25She Tries & Fails To Leave The Res'0.25
26She Hatches Her Master Recovery Plan0.25.2
27She Takes Revenge On The Religionites0.25.4
28She Gains Power Against The Indians0.25.6
29She Recovers Financially0.25.8
30She Takes Control Of Her Life0.26
31She Loves Her Enemies0.26.2
32She Lives Happily With Her Husband & Children0.26.4
33She's Surrounded By Her Grand-Children0.26.6