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Judge Mental

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An idiot-savant chases his father's killers, starting with the evil lawyer who shagged his blood-sucking slut-wife.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.


2Audio Drama


3Baby Judd Grows Up In Joy0.30.3
4Judd Watches His Father Get Sicker0.30.6
5Judd Visits His Dad In Critical Care0.30.9
6 Judd goes home, bereaved0.31.2
7Judd Catches His Wife In Bed With Lawyer0.82
8Judd Struggles To The Hospital0.32.3
9Judd's Dad Dies On Hearing Of The Adultery0.32.6
10Judd's Mom Takes Him Home In Anger0.32.9
11Judd's Mom Reveals The List Of Criminals0.33.2
12Judd Schemes To Kill The Judge's Enemies0.33.5
13Judd Reveals His Photographic Memory0.33.8
14Judd Scans The Judge's Destruction Plans0.34.1
15Judd Bumbles A Bunch Of Capers0.34.4
16Judd Rigs A Lawyer-Bomb At The Funeral0.34.7


17Judd's Plan Backfires; Cops Arrest Him0.35
18The Lawyer Gets Judd Imprisoned0.35.3
19in Jail, Judd Get Beat Up By Thugs0.35.6
20Cronies Reveal Their Hatred For The Lawyer0.35.9
21Cronies Teach Judd The Art Of Revenge0.36.2
22Judd toils in good behavior0.36.5
23As He Mops, Judd Fantasizes His Revenge0.36.8
24Judd's Mom Gets Him Out Of Prison0.37.1
25Mom Reveals The The Lawyer Took All her Money0.37.4
26Judd Remembers being Drugged & Chipped0.37.7
27Judd Tortures The Chipper, Until...0.38
28Judd Ejects The Chipper From A High Mountain0.38.3
29Judd Blabs His Plan To The Surviving Thug0.38.6
30The Thug Rats Judd Out To The Lawyer0.38.9


31The Lawyer Brings Out his A-Team Killers0.39.2
32Assassins Chase Judd Thru The Desert0.39.5
33The Thugs Chase Judd Up A Mountain0.39.8
34Thugs Knock Judd To The Lake-Bottom0.310.1
35Judd Figures Out How To Keep From Drowning0.310.4
36Judd Runs From The Lake0.310.7
37The Lawyer Swoops In In HIs Helicopter0.311
38The Lawyer traps Judd, gets out of his helicopter.0.311.3
39Judd Shoots Lawyer's Cheek & Slut's Boob0.311.6
40Judd's Mom Reveals She's On The Dark Side0.512.1
41The Lawyer Uses Judd's Mom As A Shield0.312.4
42The Lawyer Reveals He Is Judd's Brother0.813.2
43Judd Offers To Get The Lawyer Therapy0.613.8
44Lawyer Reveals Judd Is An Asylum Adoptee0.314.1


45Judd Flashes Back To Years of Abuse0.314.4
46Lawyer Reveals That he Knew About The List0.314.7
47Lawyer Reveals That He Killed The Judge0.315
48Judd Shoots The Lawyer To Save Himself0.315.3
49Judd Commandeers The Helicopter0.315.6
50Ambulances Race Judd And All To The Hospital0.315.9
51Judd Gets Doctors To Save His Mom0.316.2
52The Lawyer Gets Judd Arrested0.316.5
53Judd goes to jail. 0.316.8
54Judd consults with the cronies0.317.1
55The Crony Produces Evidence Exonerating Judd0.317.4
56Slut-Wife & Lawyer Go To Jail0.317.7
57Crony gets all the other bad guys locked up0.318
58Judd Rescues His Real Mom From The Asylum0.318.3
59Judd & Mom Live Happily Ever After0.318.6