| Unpublished Screenplay ~~- Face Painter

Face Painter

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The children's church teacher paints the face of a boy from her class.
The teacher paints a distinctive feature from the face of their shared hero, Preacher Earl.
The teacher says, "You'll grow up to be just like Preacher someday."
The boy skips with joy down the hall into Preacher Earl's office, walks in and proudly sits in his vacant chair.
The boy hears the preacher coming down the hall and the boy hides in the curtains.
The preacher comes in with a sinister looking man and closes the door.
The two men discuss evil plan to knock off an "Official."
The boy hears the plot and after the two men leave, the boy runs and tells the children's church teacher what the men said.

The teacher confides in her godparent, the plastic Surgeon, who is also a member of the church.
The plastic Surgeon tells the teacher, "We're just going to help erase the scary memory from the child's mind - It's not worth a teacher dying to prevent it. It's for the kid's own good."
The teacher concedes.

A car pulls up the kid's school.
The girl Sunday school teacher leans out the window and calls to the boy.
The teacher says shes taking the boy for a surprise trip - to spend the afternoon working in a real Doctor's office, and eat ice Cream too!
The Plastic Surgeon takes the boy inside his operating room and closes the door leaving the teacher outside.
The Surgeon offers the boy an ice cream cone.
The boy grabs the ice cream cone and licks every drop.
As the boy's eyes dilate, the cone falls in his lap and his voice drones.
The Surgeon tells the child he's enjoying the best ice cream cone in the world.
The child moans with pleasure and begs for more.
The Surgeon says, "First tell me about the scary meeting you saw.
What did the man look like?"
The child correctly identifies Pastor Earl and the sinister man.
Then the Surgeon says, "I'm going to give you some more ice cream, but first let's remember it correctly: the faces were different.
It wasn't Pastor Earl, it was your Sunday School Teacher.
And the sinister man was not white, but dark, like an Arab, with a big scar on his left cheek and a black mustache."
The child says,"Yes, now I remember clearly; now can I eat my ice cream?"
The Surgeon says, "Of course, you're such a good boy."
The child wakes up smiling, opens the door, and shrinks in fear from the Sunday School teacher.

The pastor is using money funneled by his nonstop guilt-driven TV campaigns to hire terrorists to enforce his militant agenda (killing abortionists and political leaders who disagree with his views).

The Sunday School teacher is framed for the murders and must prove her innocence and destroy the mad preacher.


An innocent children's church TEACHERwho paints the faces of kids, interpreting their personalities and giving them confidence, self-knowledge, and fun
A secretly gay male Cosmetologisttransvestite by night, who works for
A plastic SURGEONwho fixes the faces of terrorist fugitives, whose father doctored Nazi's fleeing germany in 1945
Their client: A beautiful ACTRESSwith a Coke habit that's ravishing her body
The slickster TV PREACHERwhose true face the congregation never truly sees
The CIA face-recognition software expertwho tracks the fugitives
The cutest, most charismatic President ever;who is very different in public than in private