Unpublished Screenplay ~~- The Secretist

The Secretist

Betrayal 2122 Characters =~2.1Min. Reading Time
As a young teenager, Ben gets involved with a beautiful girl, falling head-over-heels in love.
They become promiscuous.
One day, she sees him in bed dreaming beneath the covers.
She pulls back the covers and sees that he has an erection that is bent from a botched circumcision.
She takes a picture and posts it on the internet.
It goes viral.
The jocks and everyone at school name him, "Ben the Bender."
The humiliation ruins his life.
He descends within himself and becomes a skilled but cold computer programmer, focusing on cryptography and surveillance technologies.

His obsession with using technology to both expose and hide secrets gets him a highly paid quasi-government job with high security clearance.
(To his neighbors, Ben appears normal.
But he still carries around the trauma of his humiliating past.)
He develops a private religion centered around the morality of secrecy and privacy and confidentiality.
He tests people with the goal of finding confidantes who share his devotion to faithful confidentiality.
He tells each person he meets a unique, embarrassing secret about himself and waits for them to reveal his secret.
Then he investigates the blabber's life and publishes to the world every embarrassing detail of the blabber's past and present life.
But he finds that some gossips thrive on the attention they get, so just embarrassing them isn't enough.
Some gossips need to be silenced... permanently.
Complications ensue and people end up dying.

Then he meets an innocent girl.
He tests her by revealing secrets, and keeps her under surveillance, but she never reveals his secrets.
She helps him to heal and grow into a more balanced, sane, confident man.
They fall in love and plan their wedding.
One night, they make love, and drunk on wine and love, he tells her all of his secrets, about how he caused the death of gossips, but loves her because she is the faithful secret keeper he's been looking for all of his life.
She runs to the cops and tells the whole story.
He implements his backup plan, changes his appearance, and runs to another country.