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Black Action Jesus

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Every miracle ever performed by Jesus, in blazing fast, supernatural, anti-religious action. Black Action Jesus rips an explosive hole to let the hot air out of the world's religious hypocrites.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.


2Cast Of Characters


3BAJ in Mary's womb0.10.1
4Newborn baby BAJ in Joseph's arms in the cave0.10.2
5Joseph plays and 'works' with mighty little BAJ1.51.7
6BAJ makes a clay bird, blows on it, and it flies out of his hands01.7
7BAJ kills all the other kids on the playground, and resurrects them1.63.3
8Jesus' Brothers Try TO Make Him Perform At the Tent Feast1.75
9BAJ ditches his parents1.46.4
10Little BAJ Interrogates The Priests2.79.1
11Jesus Quits working for Joseph0.49.5
12BAJ gets Baptized09.5
13Satan Tempts BAJ in the Desert09.5
14BAJ turns water into Wine09.5
15BAJ reads the Samaritan Slut's Mind, sees her dirty past09.5
16BAJ heals the Nobleman's Son0.19.6
17People of Nazareth Try to kill BAJ09.6
18BAJ gets 4 Fishermen to quit their jobs09.6
19BAJ heals Peter's Mother-In-Law09.6
20BAJ gets busy healing in Galilee0.610.2
21Baj Gets the IRS chief to quit his job0.110.3
22BAJ chooses his 12 droogies0.110.4
23BAJ does his rap on the mount010.4
24Sinful Woman pours oil on BAJ010.4
25BAJ tells kingdom parables0.110.5
26BAJ bosses the weather, stops the storm0.110.6


27Walking On The Water1.512.1
28BAJ raises the Religious leader's daughter to life0.112.2
29BAJ Busts The High Priest Boffing Mary Magdalene3.515.7
30BAJ sends out the 12 to do miracles0.115.8
31Herod Kills John the Baptist0.115.9
32BAJ feeds the 5,0000.116
33BAJ feeds the 4,000016
34Peter confesses BAJ is the Son of Jah0.116.1
35BAJ predicts his death0.116.2
36BAJ makes a gold coin appear in the fish's mouth016.2
37BAJ attends the Feast of Tabernacles016.2
38BAJ heals a man born blind016.2
39BAJ visits Mary and Martha016.2
40BAJ raises Lazarus from the dead0.516.7
41BAJ blesses the little children0.817.5
42BAJ shuts down the rich young ruler0.117.6
43BAJ again predicts his death0.117.7
44BAJ heals blind Bart0.117.8
45BAJ gets Zaccheus outta the tree017.8
46BAJ visits Mary and Martha again017.8


47BAJ IS transfigured0.117.9


48BAJ begins his last trip to Jerusalem017.9
49*BAJ dreams His role in human history7.125
50BAJ Dies0.825.8
51*BAJ in the tomb3.529.3
52Baj Resurrected029.3
53BAJ Ascends to Heaven029.3