High School Writings

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Screenplay (1)

S_x Drug (aka "Psych")High SchoolR

Screenplay Synopsis (1)

Cheer UP!High SchoolPG

Short Screenplay (3)

Painting RevengeHigh SchoolPG
Genital Herpes JillHigh SchoolR
ClickAndYouDie.comHigh SchoolPG13

Unpublished Screenplay (15)

Zillionaires' ClubHigh SchoolPG13
Chastity BanditHigh SchoolPG13
High School JesusHigh SchoolPG13
AphrodisioManiaHigh SchoolPG13
Smart Is The New HandsomeHigh SchoolPG
Mary's CherryHigh SchoolPG13
Self-HarmHigh SchoolPG13
PrincipalHigh SchoolPG13
Teacher's RevengeHigh SchoolPG13
Shape ShifterHigh SchoolPG
InfraredHigh SchoolPG
Band CampHigh SchoolPG13
SCROOLHigh SchoolPG13
PeenEyeHigh SchoolPG
Catch P__idy & The LapDance KidHigh SchoolPG13

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